1. I just got my own project in my lab, continuing the old post doc’s research on symplasmata formation in bacteria.  And I have pretty much no research experience, and I’m so overwhelmed right now trying to figure out where to start.  I’m super excited about this project and it’s really cool, actually, but I’m freaking OUT

    i hope this goes well..

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  2. woke up at 6, drove a few hours to Bodega Marine Lab and saw where @barillabear did research for six weeks, and helped out at BML’s open house and played with sea urchins, sea stars, and fat inkeeper worms. ✌️ (at Bodega Bay Marine Lab)

  3. 🌊 (at Bodega Head)

  4. (from The Wes Anderson Collection) (at ILL unit)

  5. I didn’t know this existed 🙉 (at North 113)

  6. at Lands End (San Francisco)

  7. 😌 (at Sutro Baths)

  8. at Sutro Baths

  9. after 3 years, I’ve finally found where @itsadear lives 😏 (at Freeway 101)

  10. mint toffee ice cream bombe 💣 (at Ici Ice Cream)

  11. WHAT UP CAMPANILE (at The Campanile)

  12. #theheadandtheheart with my ❤️ (at Greek Theatre-University Of California, Berkeley)

  13. @headandtheheart were so amazing I can’t even describe it. ❤️ (at Knitting Factory [Reno])

  14. the drive to Reno is prettier than I expected 😍 (at Donner Lake, Tahoe National Forest)

  15. some interesting things pass through here.. (at ILL unit)