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    Parasitic Plant Strangleweed Injects Host With Thousands Of Its Own Expressed Genes

    Virginia Tech professor and Fralin Life Institute affiliate Jim Westwood has made a discovery about plant-to-plant communication: enormous amounts of genetic messages in the form of mRNA transcripts are transmitted from the parasitic plant Cuscuta (known more commonly as dodder and strangleweed) to its hosts.

    Using Illumina next generation sequencing technologies to sequence the tissues of the host and an attached parasite, the team found that the number of genes that gets passed into the host depends on the identity of the host.  The tomato plant received 347 of the strangleweed’s mRNAs, whereas the Arabidopsis received an astonishing 9514 mRNAs.  When Arabidopsis plant receives this many mRNAs, the total genetic material of tissues in contact with the strangleweed is about 45% from the parasite.

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    Rog Walker Soho                       whitney hayes

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    The Tallest Man On Earth - NPR Tiny Desk Concert


  6. "I hate people generally, but I like people individually."
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  9. "can I help you?"
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  10. this is what working in the library looks like. (at ILL unit)

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    morning mantra.

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    Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California by danielpivnick

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    do you ever see someone’s face and just wanna punch them


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    Another piece for Nautilus, this one being about finding spirituality without religion. This assignment came right after discussing meditation and the absence of self with some friends of mine, so I felt mentally prepared to illustrate this article. Thanks again to AD Len Small for the assignment.

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    Perfectly Timed Dog Photos [boredpanda]

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    cats photos will never make me happy like these dogz